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Organic Almond-Based Cheeze


This melting cheese is famous for making the best vegan grilled cheese sandwich.  It has mild heat and delightful cheddar flavour.  We make it orange not by adding color but by including organic tomato paste. A wonderful flavour enhancer and pleasing to the eye. Also fantastic on Nachos, Pizza and quesadillas. Best melted since the Jalapenos changes the texture compared to the other organic almond milk cheezes.


The Camemvert is the exact same cheeze as Vrie with one added ingredient – white truffle oil. For those who absolutely love the unique hint of garlic and mushroom flavour. This makes for a great appetizer served on fresh baked bread and roasted garlic.


Another popular and amazing melting cheese with a distinct smoky taste. Delightfully smooth and a wonderful addition to any charcuterie board. It is great on crackers or melted on your favourite pizza, grilled cheese or quesadilla.


Who doesn’t love pizza? This cheese has a unique blend of basil and oregano perfect for pizza lovers. Although all our organic almond milk cheezes melt this one was designed specifically for just that.  We love to grate it from frozen onto your pizza.  This way it spreads evenly to make your creation the most esthetically pleasing.


Super smooth and soft like Brie but made with organic almond milk. It is the mildest flavour cheeze we make. If you are not sure what flavour of cheese to get we suggest you start with the vrie.  Perfect for kids who are picky eaters or want a cheese that looks and melts like cheese. It can be enjoyed hot or cold. Excellent when making grilled cheese sandwiches, quesadillas, pizzas, lasagnas, fondue etc.  If not eaten fresh it can be frozen but must be melted afterwards if it’s frozen.

Organic Soy-Based Cheeze


Its our best seller because it’s so similar to the popular cheese called Boursin. The flavours are intense which makes it our most flavourful cheeze we make. It’s a crowd favorite for people looking for a herb and garlic cream cheese spread.


We took the popular Voursin and added sweetened cranberries. The added flavour compliments the herb and garlic wonderfully, making for a great spread on crackers or charcuterie board highlight. A Holiday favourite that due to high demand, is now available year round.



Dillicious is is a dill and garlic cream cheeze spread. It has the same texture and spreadability as the cheezes above but really focuses on the dill flavour. This cheeze was developed from customers who demanded a dill flavoured cheese. Dillicious is a great addition to bagels, baked potatoes, salads and a base to make homemade greek tzatziki.


Veta is a simple and easy swap anywhere you might use greek style feta. It is exceptional on salads, pizza, pasta, baked potatoes, burritos or smear it on crackers, bagels, wraps or toast.

Try our new Vegan Whip!

Light and fluffy dessert topping….