Frequently Asked Questions

Some do and some don’t. We have two cheeze types. All the organic almond based cheezes melt beautifully. So good that grilled cheeze sandwiches and pizzas will become your new family favorites. The organic tofu based cheezes on the other hand are meant to be spread on crackers, sandwiches, wraps, made into dips, sautéed with veggies, put onto veggie burgers or crumbled onto salads, pasta, burritos etc.

Our organic almond based cheezes melt and taste amazing. The flavours of our organic tofu cheezes enhance any meal and satisfy the most demanding taste buds, when making the transition from “real” cheese to plant based vegan cheese, It’s important to get the taste and texture as close to the real thing. Hand made, small batches, clean ingredients and no preservatives is another reason why Black Sheep Vegan Cheeze is in a class of their own.

In the refrigerator. For the almond based cheezes wrap them in paper towel then into a sealable container to maintain freshness. The paper towl will absorb any excess moisture that speeds up any moisture. For the organic tofu based cheezes keep the lid sealed and in the refrigerator  when not in use.

The organic tofu based cheezes have around 6 week shelf life and the organic almond based cheezes are around 4 weeks. Once opened the cheezes last upwards to at least 10 days or more. Be sure to check the best before date on the back of your cheeze label.

Yes all our cheezes can be frozen BUT the organic almond based cheezes must be melted if they have been frozen since the texture changes. We suggest grating your almond based cheeze from frozen and then refreeze any leftover cheeze you do not use. The organic tofu based cheezes which are the Voursin,Cranberry Voursin, Dillicious and Veta can be used as normal after they un-thaw.

We sincerely care about your Black Sheep Vegan Cheeze purchase and thank you for supporting us. If any of our cheezes do not meet your expectations we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Email us directly at or call us at 250-309-3065 to explain your concern.

Yes, the owners are proud to say that they are 100 percent vegan. We eat and practice what we preach and so does the rest of our family.

Yes. We do sponsor a few events every year. All we require that it’s a plant based vegan event or cause.  We will find it’s a difficult match donating vegan cheeze to a beef hamburger eating contest raising money to fight cancer.

We do our very best to please everyone. Ask the store where you normally shop at to carry Black Sheep Vegan Cheeze. We thank you if you have already done this because this is how we have grown so far. If there are enough customers telling store owners what they want to buy, the store will probably stock it.

No, not at this time.  Sorry. We hope one day in the future

All our products are made in our commercial kitchen in Salmon Arm, BC Canada located in the Westgate Public market. The owners of Black Sheep Vegan Cheeze live in Armstrong BC Canada.

No. Everything we make is as wholesome as it can be with mostly organic ingredients. We love what we do, love what we make and love sharing it with people who like eating it.

Usually we post on Facebook or Instagram when there is a position to be filled. If you think you have a special talent or skill that you think could help us then send us your ideas. We love working with like minded people who value the plant based vegan lifestyle.

Welcome to a fast growing market that people are craving more of…It’s easy. Drop us an email at or call us at 250-309-3065. We would be more than happy to work with your needs.